We get it: it sucks when someone ruins a game deliberately. Our dispute system is here to help you when that happens.

Dealing with a dispute

When you believe there are grounds for a dispute, head over immediately to your account page. Find the game in your match history and hit the dispute button.

To get the best result for you:

  1. Give us as much relevant information as possible, as concisely as possible. The more you can help us to assess your dispute, the more we can help you.
  2. Attach a screenshot of evidence if you have one.
  3. Tell us the resolution you want. If the one you want isn't in the dropdown, or you want something more specific, please tell us in the 'problem' field.

Resolving your dispute quickly and fairly is immensely important to us. We'll do everything we can to get it sorted. Even if the result is not the one that you wanted, we commit to thoroughly explaining our reasons to you and your opponent, and reducing the chance of it happening again.

Preventing disputes

Fortunately, almost every player in our community is here to play fairly and have fun. However, there are a few simple steps you can take which will help you if you come across someone who is trying to take advantage.


It's almost impossible for your opponent to claim they won if you have a picture showing that they lost.

For that reason we strongly recommend that you take a quick snap using a screen capture tool (on PC) or on your phone (on console) at the end of every game (or at the time another rule is being broken such as your opponent blatantly hacking). It takes just a second, but it could save you loads of hassle.

Double check who you're playing against

Your opponent's username displayed on CounterPick should be the username you're against on your game. If it's not, you could be playing against someone else entirely. Not only is this potentially unfair, it'll be harder to resolve a legitimate dispute using a screenshot if the usernames don't match.

Be careful in the match chat

Watch out for players who attempt to change the rules or do something differently before you start the game. These players may be trying to lure you in to something disadvantageous.

At present, we do not support custom rulesets, but we periodically review and update them in line with community needs.

Familiarise yourself with the rules

We have simple, standard rulesets which attempt to minimise the chance of a dispute. Following these, and knowing if your opponent is following these, will be useful.

Across all games and platforms, we never permit hacking, using glitches or taking advantage of game-breaking bugs. We do allow BM, trickery or 'unsportsman-like' play, and taking advantage of particularly powerful items/strategies/builds/teams etc.