Our Community

CounterPick isn't just a platform for winning money playing games. We're creating a vibrant community which shares a passion for gaming and a drive to do something more with the skills that we have. Sharing your experience always makes it more fun, and so we aim to provide loads of opportunities for you to challenge, celebrate and commiserate with your amigos.

Adding friends

In the lobby, you can add friends using the icon . When you do, you can see whether they're online, what game and platform they're on, and what username they're playing with. This means that you can add your friend using any of the usernames that they use for any of the platforms. It all links up so you can find them wherever they are.

The Buddy powerup

Remember: if you're playing against a friend, you generate Buddy powerups. For every game you play against a friend you have a 1 in 3 chance to receive Buddy. If you beat someone on your friend's list while this powerup is active, you'll win an extra 25%!

And even better, you don't have to be on their friend's list - so long as they're on yours the powerup will be active. You can think of ways to use this to your advantage!

Coming soon!

In the future, we will be adding a direct challenge and private message function for your friends list. Let us know what you'd like to see!